Name: Can I Come In

Description: Canicomein Fast Proxy Welcome to Canicomein, Use this fast web proxy to browse other sites so that you are anonymous and so you can get on sites that are blocked by your firewall. Type in the URL (eg: in the box below to begin.

Rating: 93

Anonymity Level: High anonymity

Current Access Time: 0.476 sec.

Average Access Time: 0.548 sec.

Last Values Of Access Time: 0.544, 0.570, 0.587, 0.564, 0.476 sec.

Online: 10 months

Life time: 99.82 %

First Test: 2017-02-09 21:50:08

Last Test: 2 hours ago


Country: Czech Republic

Status: Expired

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SSL Access Yes

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