Name: Do Lo Po

Description: Dolopo offers you full access to our youtube proxy with one of the best link encription algorithms available today so you and your friends and family will be always anonymous and safe. All the internet addresses you will an access throw out web proxy from now on, will be encrypted, and you will be more safe, this means, that from now on, no one can't see what web sites you're visiting. The encryption feature will work even in your school or in your office and this is because we started to make on this path. First we build for us, so we can access youtube from our office, where youtube was blocked by our managers, and after a few days we heard from friends that they also have this problem in their office or school. By this time we decided to make dolopo youtube proxy public on the internet and every one in the world now can unblock youtube without any problems.But if you still dont fell safe we added a second tool, for example if you will leave the computer for more then 15 minutes, the links will become inoperative event for you, this means you will have to restart the hole navigation process from zero.

Rating: 70

Anonymity Level: High anonymity

Current Access Time: 0.433 sec.

Average Access Time: 0.436 sec.

Last Values Of Access Time: 0.369, 0.753, 0.256, 0.369, 0.433 sec.

Online: 0 seconds

Life time: 96.82 %

First Test: 2017-01-06 20:10:07

Last Test: 9 months ago


Country: France

Status: Expired

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