Name: Ultra Fast Proxy

Description: This is a free proxy service that will hide your online identity. Our free proxy will hide your IP adress and lets you bypass your work/school webfilter easily. For example, is MySpace blocked by your school/work? It will get unblocked when you use our fast proxy. Your private information will be kept safe by our fast proxy servers. Feel free to use this service as many times as you want. Unblock, bypass and surf for free now. You can sign up for our newsletter that will provide fresh and free fast proxy to you. Bookmark us to use our service every day.

Rating: 98

Anonymity Level: High anonymity

Current Access Time: 0.309 sec.

Average Access Time: 0.188 sec.

Last Values Of Access Time: 0.316, 0.118, 0.120, 0.075, 0.309 sec.

Online: 1 year

Life time: 100.00 %

First Test: 2017-01-06 16:00:11

Last Test: 1 hour ago


Country: United States

Status: Expired

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SSL Access No

Uptime in day