Name: Z Proxy

Description: Welcome to our free anonymous web based proxy service. Our SSL/TLS encrypted proxy lets you surf the internet with an extra layer of privacy and security. We will fetch the page you want and send it to you over a secure encrypted connection. Our service is for protecting your Internet freedom. Please enter the website URL below and configure the options according to your needs.

Rating: 93

Anonymity Level: High anonymity

Current Access Time: 0.552 sec.

Average Access Time: 0.688 sec.

Last Values Of Access Time: 0.659, 0.666, 0.781, 0.782, 0.552 sec.

Online: 1 year

Life time: 99.65 %

First Test: 2017-01-06 20:50:06

Last Test: 24 minutes ago


Country: Germany

Status: Expired

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SSL Access Yes

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